Instituto-e uses fish skin and plastic bottles to create sustainable fabrics

instituto e

These days you read more and more about carbon footprints and water footprints and sustainable production. So I was curious to find projects that not only think about footprints and sustainability, but also incorporate some form of social inclusiveness and work with local communities.

That’s when I came across instituto-e’s e-fabrics project, which combines all these elements and uses weird and wonderful materials like fish skin (yes, really, they do, keep reading!) but also old pairs of jeans and plastic bottles to create sustainable fabrics.

What makes the project really cool is that they don’t just focus on the sustainability of the raw material, but they make sure every step of the production process incorporates principles of sustainability. For example they work with local communities throughout Brazil to source the raw materials and they make sure the environmental impact in minimized. The production process creates thousands of jobs, and then…

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